Yale history

The story of how Yale became the world’s favourite lock, and why today the brand has such a unique global reach with products ranging from mechanical door locks to padlocks, digital door locks, safes and alarms.

The legend begins

In 1840, Linus Yale Sr. first became a lock maker. Gifted with an extraordinary talent for mechanics, Linus Yale Sr. established Yale Lock shop in colonial America. The locksmith later invented high-security bank locks and small locks with pin-tumbler for doors and cash drawers, demonstrating the ingenuity that transformed his surname into a world-acclaimed brand for decades.

The first challenge

The success of Yale was not without its challenges. Hobbs, an American lock expert succeeded in picking all the best English bank locks in 1851, forcing all manufacturers to improve their products. Facing heightened rivalry, Yale sustained as an industry leader with superior quality and designs.

Becoming “The world’s favorite lock”

Following his father’s footsteps, Linus Yale Jr. joined the business in 1850. Not only did he perfect and patent his father’s pin-tumbler cylinder locks, he also launched “Yale Magic” - the notable, patented Yale cylinder lock. His another invention, Monitor Bank Lock, led the transition of bank locks from key locks to dial or combination locks, with its principles later became industry standard throughout the US.

Recapturing the innovative spirit of its founders, Yale never stops advancing. By incorporating new technologies in our solutions, Yale stays ahead as “the world’s favorite lock”.