Has your Travel Lock been damanged or misplaced?

Occasionally, during luggage handling or the screening process, your lock maybe damaged or misplaced. What can you do in this situation?

What can I do if my lock was broken when travelling?

There are two likely reasons a lock is broken during air travel:

  • Baggage handling systems (conveyor belts and other automated systems) and manual handling all take a toll on your baggage and your lock. The airlines are responsible for damage that exceeds the definition of "normal wear and tear". File a claim with your airline without delay.
  • TSA Security Officers inspect more than 2 million pieces of baggage every day. It is faster and easier for them to open your Travel Sentry locks using their special Travel Sentry tools than it is for them to cut or break open a lock. However, it is rare but possible, that the TSA may have to cut open a Travel Sentry lock if it has been damaged or malfunctioning in some way. Should this occur, TSA is not liable for damage to your lock. 

What happened if my lock is missing after my flight?

There are two likely reasons a lock is missing after air travel:

  • Working with Travel Sentry and TSA, we identified that most instances of missing locks are a result of airline baggage handling. Locks can be torn off when caught in conveyors belts or from centrifugal force when baggage is ejected by baggage "pushers" which are part of many automated conveyor systems. Often the weakest links are the zipper pulls on baggage – not the locks themselves. Travel Sentry recommends buying baggage with "kissing sliders" which hold the lock much more securely and minimize the effect of airline baggage handling. When rough airline handling is suspected you should file a claim with your airline without delay.
  • There are instances when a TSA Screening Officer has failed to replace a lock removed in order to open the bag for screening. Look for the Notice of Baggage Inspection form from the TSA inside your bag. If your lock is missing and there is a TSA Notice inside the bag, please contact us.

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