Do Be Alarmed!


Did you know that one home in Britain is burgled every 32 seconds? How's the situation in your country? It’s an alarming statistic but did you also know that 60% of burglaries attempted on homes fitted with an alarm are unsuccessful?

Home security specialist Yale offers an affordable range of easy-to-fit wirefree alarms for homes of all sizes that can provide extra protection as well as a strong visual deterrent for potential intruders.

For flats, terraces or semi-detached homes, the Standard Alarm is ideal. Operated using a simple keypad system, the alarm allows an entire property to be armed or disarmed and has a pre-set 20-second exit/entry period.

Designed for a family home, the Family Alarm comes with a fully functional control panel system that can be tailored to suit your individual security requirements. The length of the exit/entry period can be altered and you can also use the system to arm parts of your home, whilst disarming others. So, for example, you can alarm the garage or ground floor of your house, leaving you free to roam around the rest of your home.

For ultimate peace of mind, the top of the range Premium Alarm alerts you via telephone, when triggered. Up to three telephone numbers can be stored within a telecommunicating panel which will dial numbers in a specified sequence and play a pre-recorded message. The system can also be activated and deactivated using a touch-tone telephone.

Each alarm kit comes complete with a siren box with flashing LED, a keypad or control panel, two PIR movement detectors and two door/window contacts.

You can also upgrade and personalise each kit, with a range of complementary wirefree accessories. A remote control key fob, panic button and smoke detector are available, as well as extra door/window contacts and PIR movement detectors, including a pet-friendly option.

Yale wirefree alarms are quick and easy to install, as there is no hard wiring, so no need for an electrician. Plus the alarm control panel and room sensors can be fitted without damaging décor or disturbing carpets.

Each alarm has a radio range of 30 metres and as they’re wirefree, there are no unsightly wires to hide.