Yale Launches New Products and Initiates Training in China


During the period October 13 through 17, 2008, Yale will strengthen its presence in Asia with a number of new product launches as well as a series of training initiatives in China. The activity demonstrates Yale’s continued focus on market penetration. New distributors will be established as well as special display shelves provided to retailers - all towards attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. In China, the company remains committed to upholding its business principles while expanding market share.

Yale conducts business in more than 125 countries. Indeed the company’s familiar logo – a yellow circle symbolising principle qualities such as unity and harmony complemented by precision and logic – is no less than an international sign of protecting and securing what one holds dear.

An important element of the Yale business philosophy centres on product training, and in October the sales region comprising Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou will see concentrated efforts towards developing knowledgeable staff and educating distributors, retailers and decoration companies. Such initiatives are crucial given Yale’s extensive and ever growing product line. Mr. Alfred Wong – Business Development Manager for Yale China highlighted that as part of the training, all involved will become more familiar with both newly introduced and recently updated product lines available in China.

New products set for launch include both global products and regionally specific devices. Intensified marketing support and sales channel efforts will be directed to, for instance, the company’s wide range of padlocks and TSA recognised travel locks. Yale padlocks meet many purposes and come in various configurations. Among new products to be introduced in China are Y-series padlocks, which are well suited for outdoor use and can withstand exposure to harsh or even extreme conditions.

In their homes, China’s increasingly affluent citizens require correspondingly more sophisticated ways of securing valuables. Home safes, then, are yet another product Yale will be emphasising as part of upcoming launches. "Yale safes are discreet, easy to use and offer a high level of protection for valuable belongings and important documents," claims Mr. Andrew Eng, General Manager for Yale APAC.

Other products to be introduced  will include handlesets and locksets for doors and entrances. After the launch of these and additional new products along with enhanced product training for staff, many more in China will be joining the rest of the world in saying,  “Yale is protecting my favourites”.