Yale News Asia - Issue 1 2009 Spring


Yale Asia Pacific Team would like to wish you a prosperous new year of the OX! We hope this year ushers in many many good things to you and your family!


The Yale Asian’s team wishes you “Kung Hei Fat Choi”.

This year will no doubt be a very challenging one, with the financial crisis as a back drop but the Yale team is determined to bring the Yale’s brand to the next level in Asia. We are now working on two fronts to bring more exciting products to the hands of consumers and making shopping an experience every time a consumer shop for a Yale product.

After years, we are also ready to roll out more innovative products to new markets like Japan, Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand.  A breakthrough we are certainly proud of.

We are also moving from an age of mechanical to digital by introducing a range of digital door locks, high security safes and wireless alarm systems. More exciting products await you and this newsletter is only one simple way to bring the news right up to you.

Enjoy! Our very first edition of the Yale News in Asia!